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Category Archives: my family

my boys | tyler and longview texas child photographer

My own two monkeys, we had so much fun shooting this back in December  🙂  The first image was our holiday card this year <3 Until next time, Tammy  

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catching up | tyler texas photographer

So, it seems I have fallen off the blog wagon a bit  🙂  I do have a good excuse though, I promise!  We recently sold our home that was outside of city limits and bought a lovely older home in the Azalea District.  Needless to say, moving our household, two boys under six, and our […]

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jmk’s | child photographer tyler & longview texas

Though it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, I do occasionally get my own two boys in front of the camera!  This session happened a couple of months ago, was super spontaneous, and I ended up *loving* what we shot.  I used several of these images in a collection for my living room – […]

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back to school | tyler texas photographer

My boys head back to preschool tomorrow and it’s a little bittersweet.  I guess it’s official:  the lazy days of summer vacation are gone. Part of me is happy to get back to a routine.  But the other part of me is so going to miss the days of sleeping in, going to the pool, […]

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{summer} | tyler texas children and family photographer

Though the summer has gotten off to a really hot start, we’ve been loving every second of it!  In between sessions and editing, the boys and I have been sleeping in, hanging out at the pool, taking in a few movies, trips to Target (the happiest place on earth) and enjoying our 4 legged family […]

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my cullen (the non edward variety) | tyler tx child photographer

So, I heard yesterday that the name ‘Cullen’ is the boy name that made the largest climb in popularity last year.  This is due to the uber-popular “Twilight” series of books (maybe you’ve heard of these little manuscripts?)  🙂  One of the main characters (a vampire no less) is named Edward Cullen, so naturally, overnight, […]

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custom photography, part 2 | tyler texas children and family photographer

Here’s part two of my custom photography series, this time, talking about price.  Yes, our old friend, Mr. Price.  Surely you’ve met him before.  In fact, maybe you are well acquainted with Mr. Price?  Maybe, just maybe, he’s the one thing holding you back from the custom photography experience?  If so, you should definitely read […]

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My boys | Tyler, Texas Children’s Photographer

A few quick shots of my own two little stinkers being, well… um, stinkers.  I’d be lying if I said that shoots with the boys aren’t totally insane. Cause they are. Since I’ve always encouraged them to have fun while they are being photographed, they have kind of taken that to a new extreme.  It’s […]

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