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attention all moms | tyler texas child photographer

I bet you are wondering what to get your husband for Father’s Day, right?  You’ve probably ruled out all the traditional/boring gifts like ties, cologne, golf accessories, gadgets, and coffee cups… and you are left feeling totally and utterly uninspired.  Right?  So, thank goodness for me, I have an amazing gift idea for you!  🙂

I can count on two fingers the number of photos around my house that actually have me in them.  And neither of those images have me with both of my boys.  Don’t you think Dad would adore a photo of you (the one who is always *behind* the camera taking pictures, the one who is never actually in them), with his favorite little people?  If so, this is just perfect for you!

A special only for Mommy’s and their babies (little and big), limited to 5 appointments, on Saturday, May 29th only:

Dad's Day promo

Interested?  Contact me ASAP for one of the five appointments.  See you soon!

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