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Hey there!

My name is Tammy and I'm a Tyler, Texas based photographer, busy Mom of two boys, and wife to a great (and handsome!) guy.  Life is busy, fast paced and chaotic, and I love every minute of it!

On the professional front, I mostly photograph babies, children, and families.  I shoot on location using natural light or at my studio space in downtown Tyler.  The studio offers natural light shooting as well as the option of studio lighting.  I strive to produce timeless images with a modern edge, classic yet unexpected. 

I absolutely love what I do and pride myself on being able to 100% relate to my clients.  More than anything, I'm a Mom.  I know what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant, or hold your newborn baby in all their snuggly newness.  I know how funny (and not funny!) a two year old can be, or how at times, you can be with your family and realize there is no other place on earth you'd rather be. These are the moments I know are fleeting, sometimes funny, and above all, precious.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see  :)

noble | tyler and longview texas newborn photographer

Precious Noble…such a gorgeous baby, though he wasn’t a very sleepy baby  :)  He did take a few cat naps, but the rest of the time, he was so alert, and made the most amazing eye contact with us!  I just love him, and can’t wait to watch him to grow up…

2014-01-28_0003 2014-01-28_00072014-01-28_00042014-01-28_00012014-01-28_00112014-01-28_00102014-01-28_00082014-01-28_00092014-01-28_00022014-01-28_00062014-01-28_0005Until next time,


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May 22, 2014 - 3:05 pm Cory culpepper - Was wondering if your available Saturday for family picture shot. Also do have a military discount?

gwen | tyler texas child photographer

Baby Gwen, she just melts my heart!

2014-01-28_0060  2014-01-28_0059 2014-01-28_0058 2014-01-28_0057 2014-01-28_0056 2014-01-28_0055 2014-01-28_0054 2014-01-28_0053 2014-01-28_0052 2014-01-28_00512014-01-28_0050Until next time,


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zoey | tyler texas newborn photographer

Zoey is such a special baby, her parents waited for her for quite some time.  She was born right before Christmas, and we had so much fun with her in the studio.  She never made a peep, and we just played and played  <3

2014-01-28_0012a2014-01-28_0027a2014-01-28_0013a2014-01-28_0023a2014-01-28_0017a2014-01-28_0015a2014-01-28_0021a2014-01-28_0026a2014-01-28_0024a2014-01-28_0014a2014-01-28_0019a2014-01-28_0020a2014-01-28_0022a2014-01-28_0016a2014-01-28_0025aThanks for looking, she was such a little doll baby  :)  Many, many thanks to Zoey’s parents for trusting their precious girl with me.

Until next time,


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gardner siblings | tyler texas child and family photographer

Such beautiful kiddos, they were so easy and so much fun!   2014-01-28_0033 2014-01-28_0034 2014-01-28_0035 2014-01-28_0036 2014-01-28_0037 2014-01-28_0038 2014-01-28_0039 2014-01-28_0040 2014-01-28_0041 2014-01-28_0042 2014-01-28_0043 2014-01-28_0044 2014-01-28_0045 2014-01-28_0046 2014-01-28_0047 2014-01-28_0048Until next time,


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baby bonni | tyler texas baby photographer

One of my favorite ages to capture… gah!  Isn’t she lovely?!?

2014-01-28_0028 2014-01-28_0029Until next time,



lisa | tyler texas maternity and newborn photographer

Lovely Lisa… such a gorgeous Mommy to be (and this was her 4th pregnancy!), I mean, really?!   Sometimes life just isn’t fair  :)  Best of all though, she is super sweet and I am happy to call her a friend after spending time with her during her maternity and her precious baby boy’s newborn session.  That blog post coming soon, baby Noble is crazy cute!  For now, some of my favorites from Lisa’s maternity session…

2013-12-12_0001 2013-12-12_0002 2013-12-12_0003 2013-12-12_0004 2013-12-12_0005 2013-12-12_0006 2013-12-12_0007 2013-12-12_0008 2013-12-12_0009 2013-12-12_0010 2013-12-12_0011 2013-12-12_0012 2013-12-12_0013

Until next time,


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harper | tyler and longview newborn photographer


Such a gorgeous little girl…baby Harper was so tiny and delicate.   She was born just a few weeks before Christmas, I don’t think her parents could ask for a more perfect gift, do you?  2013-12-18_00052013-12-18_00182013-12-18_00012013-12-18_00132013-12-18_00082013-12-18_00202013-12-18_00162013-12-18_00062013-12-18_00022013-12-18_00042013-12-18_00092013-12-18_00192013-12-18_00212013-12-18_00072013-12-18_0015Dad played college football and is a coach now, so we had to incorporate a football.  I love how tiny Harper looks next to it!

2013-12-18_00102013-12-18_00032013-12-18_00122013-12-18_00172013-12-18_0011More newborn shares to come in the next couple of weeks!

Until next time,


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stella | tyler and longview newborn photographer

Beautiful baby Stella…we loved having her visit us in the studio, she was so sweet and such a cuddler.  She even shared some big smiles with us, she loved being a Clarity baby!


Stella’s Daddy is a songwriter, so we incorporated some of his sheet music in to the session…turned out so sweetly…

2013-12-09_0004We have shot MANY newborns in November and December, more sneak peeks to come as soon as the holiday rush slows down!

Until next time,


see more of my newborn photography here:  East Texas Newborn Photographer

holiday mini sessions | tyler texas baby and child photographer

We had SO much fun with our studio mini sessions this holiday season, not sure we can top it!  The babies and kids were all so precious, and we had such a good time coming up with fun props.  Many, many thanks to all of the parents for sharing your little ones with us.  We loved every minute and can’t wait until next year!


2013-12-08_00242013-12-08_00052013-12-08_0015 2013-12-08_0040 2013-12-08_0041 2013-12-08_0013 2013-12-08_0011 2013-12-08_0009 2013-12-08_00012013-12-08_0003 2013-12-08_0042 2013-12-08_0039 2013-12-08_0038 2013-12-08_0037 2013-12-08_0036 2013-12-08_0027 2013-12-08_0026 2013-12-08_0025 2013-12-08_0022 2013-12-08_0019 2013-12-08_0017                           2013-12-08_0014 2013-12-08_0010 2013-12-08_0008  2013-12-08_0034 2013-12-08_0031 2013-12-08_0028 2013-12-08_0016  2013-12-08_00212013-12-08_0007 2013-12-08_0035  2013-12-08_0030 2013-12-08_0023 2013-12-08_0002 2013-12-08_00062013-12-08_00182013-12-08_00042013-12-08_00292013-12-08_0032 2013-12-08_00202013-12-08_0033


If those cuties don’t get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will!

Until next time,



k family | tyler texas family photographer

This is a such a darling family, their little one is always full of smiles.  He has the cutest dimple and I love making him laugh, just to see it make an appearance  :)   We were blessed with perfect weather the day of our session, and I adore what we ended up with from the session.

2013-11-30_0012 2013-11-30_0013 2013-11-30_0014 2013-11-30_0015 2013-11-30_0016 2013-11-30_0017 2013-11-30_0018 2013-11-30_0019 2013-11-30_0020Until next time,