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Hey there!

My name is Tammy and I'm a Tyler, Texas based photographer, busy Mom of two boys, and wife to a great (and handsome!) guy.  Life is busy, fast paced and chaotic, and I love every minute of it!

On the professional front, I mostly photograph babies, children, and families.  I shoot on location using natural light or at my studio space in downtown Tyler.  The studio offers natural light shooting as well as the option of studio lighting.  I strive to produce timeless images with a modern edge, classic yet unexpected. 

I absolutely love what I do and pride myself on being able to 100% relate to my clients.  More than anything, I'm a Mom.  I know what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant, or hold your newborn baby in all their snuggly newness.  I know how funny (and not funny!) a two year old can be, or how at times, you can be with your family and realize there is no other place on earth you'd rather be. These are the moments I know are fleeting, sometimes funny, and above all, precious.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see  :)

leifer family | tyler and longview family photographer

Such a fun downtown session with the Leifer family  :)  I loved incorporating their sweet girls into the funky colors and textures of an urban setting – something different and the end result was just so fun!

2015-01-12_00552015-01-12_00562015-01-12_00602015-01-12_00622015-01-12_00612015-01-12_00592015-01-12_00582015-01-12_0057Thanks Leifer family!

Until next time,


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charlie | tyler and longview texas newborn photography

Oh, little baby Charlie was such a sweetheart!  He just slept and slept, we had so much fun snuggling and posing him.  And his sweet parents were so darn photogenic, it was a great day at the studio  :)

2015-01-12_00462015-01-12_00542015-01-12_00382015-01-12_00452015-01-12_00442015-01-12_00422015-01-12_00472015-01-12_00352015-01-12_00482015-01-12_00492015-01-12_00512015-01-12_00392015-01-12_00432015-01-12_00372015-01-12_0053I look forward to watching Charlie grow up!

Until next time,


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parker family | tyler longview and shreveport family photographer

Love seeing the Parker family each fall.  It is always one of my favorite sessions, the girls are so much fun and Jadi and Judd are so laid back and easy to work with.  They have a beautiful place and it’s always fun finding new places to shoot each year.  This year, we were blessed with beautiful colors and some gorgeous light :)

2015-01-12_00632015-01-12_00642015-01-12_00652015-01-12_00662015-01-12_00672015-01-12_00682015-01-12_00692015-01-12_00702015-01-12_00712015-01-12_00722015-01-12_00732015-01-12_00742015-01-12_00752015-01-12_0076Thanks Jadi and Judd, can’t wait until next year!

Until next time,


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valentina | tyler and longview texas high school senior photographer

Beautiful, beautiful Valentina!   I just love discovering each of my seniors personal style and how they like to express themselves.   It makes the whole process so much  more interesting and conceptual, and watching them blossom in front of my lens is such a joy for me!   I loved Valentina’s soft, yet edgy style, it really meshed well with me – it was just easy and fun  :)   And to top it off, she is crazy sweet and has such a great laugh.

I am now booking seniors for spring sessions, starting in March.  I will be taking a limited number this spring, so please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your session.  I can’t wait to meet you!

2015-01-05_01212015-01-05_01202015-01-05_01222015-01-05_01232015-01-05_01242015-01-05_01252015-01-05_01262015-01-05_01272015-01-05_01282015-01-05_01292015-01-05_01302015-01-05_01312015-01-05_01322015-01-05_01332015-01-05_0134See more of my high school senior work here:  Tyler Longview Shreveport High School Senior Photography

Until next time,


waiting | tyler texas maternity photographer

Such a beautiful couple, loved shooting their maternity session in the studio.  Such variety and intimacy…

2015-01-05_00852015-01-05_00802015-01-05_00792015-01-05_00832015-01-05_00842015-01-05_0082Until next time,


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fashion photography | tyler and longview commercial photography

Loved, loved, loved shooting this concept for Lylas by Moss.  We had an amazing time, and the contrast between the clothing and the rural setting was just fab.  Our models were just beautiful and hair and makeup was done by the always on point Belladonna Day Spa.  Here are some of my favorites from our look book…

2015-01-05_00982015-01-05_00992015-01-05_01002015-01-05_01012015-01-05_01022015-01-05_01032015-01-05_01042015-01-05_01052015-01-05_01062015-01-05_01072015-01-05_01082015-01-05_01092015-01-05_01102015-01-05_01112015-01-05_01122015-01-05_01132015-01-05_01142015-01-05_01152015-01-05_01162015-01-05_01182015-01-05_0117You can find many of these pieces online at Lylas by Moss (it’s my favorite online boutique!!!!).

Until next time,


smitt family | tyler longview shreveport family photographer

Nicole is a fellow photographer in the DFW area, and I have been so privileged to capture some very special moments for her sweet little family.  Nicole always does an amazing job coordinating outfits and colors for their sessions.  I really can’t stress enough what a difference color and textures can make in the overall impression of your family session.  And I just have to say, little Caedence just makes my heart melt, such a smiley happy girl :)

2015-01-05_00862015-01-05_00872015-01-05_00882015-01-05_00892015-01-05_00902015-01-05_00912015-01-05_00922015-01-05_00932015-01-05_00942015-01-05_00952015-01-05_00962015-01-05_0097Thank you Nicole for sharing your sweet girl with me, I just adore her!

Until next time,


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scarlett bliss | tyler and longview texas newborn photographer

Beautiful Scarlett, she was in the studio a few days before Christmas.  She was such a good sleeper, I never saw her peepers the entire session  :)

2015-01-05_00332015-01-05_00262015-01-05_00292015-01-05_00252015-01-05_00242015-01-05_00312015-01-05_00272015-01-05_00282015-01-05_00322015-01-05_0023Loved having beautiful Scarlett visit us at the studio, she was just perfect!  See more of my newborn work here:  Tyler and Longview Newborn Photographer

Until next time,



duncan family | tyler texas child and family photographer

I have photographed this family for many years now, and each year is more fun than the last  :)  This time, we decided to incorporate many of their animals (even the pig and chickens, they just weren’t super cooperative!).  We had a great time, and the memories we captured of their four legged kiddos, are just as priceless as the two legged ones.

2015-01-05_00152015-01-05_00142015-01-05_00162015-01-05_00212015-01-05_00172015-01-05_00192015-01-05_0020See more of my children and family photography here:  Tyler Longview Dallas Child and Family Photographer

Thanks Duncan family, see you next fall!  :)

christmas mini sessions | tyler longview and shreveport baby and child photographer

We had so much fun with our Christmas mini sessions this year!  This was two years in a row, and we can’t wait to come up with next years “sets”  :)  So many cute kiddos, and the studio all decked out with decorations, snacks, hot cider, and holiday cheer.  It’s a favorite for us at the studio, for sure!

Here are just a few of our favorites:

2015-01-05_0038 2015-01-05_0037 2015-01-05_0036 2015-01-05_00392015-01-05_0040 2015-01-05_0041 2015-01-05_00432015-01-05_0057 2015-01-05_0056 2015-01-05_0051 2015-01-05_00492015-01-05_0046 2015-01-05_0044 2015-01-05_0045 2015-01-05_00542015-01-05_0053 2015-01-05_0052 2015-01-05_0047 2015-01-05_0048 2015-01-05_00422015-01-05_0055 2015-01-05_0058 2015-01-05_0059 2015-01-05_00602015-01-05_0050 2015-01-05_00612015-01-05_00622015-01-05_00632015-01-05_0064

Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with me, I loved capturing so many magical Christmas moments with them.  Can’t wait until next year!

Until next time,