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Clarity Photography bio picture

Hey there!

My name is Tammy and I'm a Tyler, Texas based photographer, busy Mom of two boys, and wife to a great (and handsome!) guy.  Life is busy, fast paced and chaotic, and I love every minute of it!

On the professional front, I mostly photograph babies, children, and families.  I shoot on location using natural light or at my studio space in downtown Tyler.  The studio offers natural light shooting as well as the option of studio lighting.  I strive to produce timeless images with a modern edge, classic yet unexpected. 

I absolutely love what I do and pride myself on being able to 100% relate to my clients.  More than anything, I'm a Mom.  I know what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant, or hold your newborn baby in all their snuggly newness.  I know how funny (and not funny!) a two year old can be, or how at times, you can be with your family and realize there is no other place on earth you'd rather be. These are the moments I know are fleeting, sometimes funny, and above all, precious.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see  :)

allie | east texas baby photographer

Precious Allie is a Clarity Baby, I have been photographing her since she was 9 days old.  She is SUCH a beautiful baby – in fact, you may have even see her in print ads and commercials  :)   She was in recently for a “sitter” session – I keep lots of outfits and clothing for my clients at the studio,  and she looks just adorable in them, doesn’t she??

2015-03-02_00172015-03-02_00132015-03-02_00152015-03-02_00142015-03-02_0016Until next time,


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March 11, 2015 - 9:47 pm Shelly - Ahhh! That tongue. Love your blog. xoxo

Wallis family | east texas family photographer

Love this sweet family, three boys can be a challenge to photograph, but luckily I have experience with boys  :)  You may recognize this sweet Mama too, she helps me at the studio and is the official baby snuggler.  Here are some of my favorites from the session…

2015-03-03_00012015-03-03_00022015-03-03_00032015-03-03_00042015-03-03_00052015-03-03_00062015-03-03_00072015-03-03_00082015-03-03_00092015-03-03_00102015-03-03_00112015-03-03_00122015-03-03_00132015-03-03_00142015-03-03_00152015-03-03_0016Until next time :)


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alexander | tyler texas baby photographer

One of my favorite ages to photograph, the sitting not yet crawling age!  You can put them somewhere, and they don’t move!  :)

Alexander is one of my newborn clients, it was so much fun having him in the studio for a 6 month session.   I now offer an amazing baby plan, if you are a newborn client, feel free to contact me for more details.

Here are some of my favorites from Alexander’s session…


Until next time,


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laykynn | cake smash session

Laykynn was in the studio for her 1 year session, so hard to believe a whole year has passed since she was in for her newborn session!  Her Mom brought in some fun props for her one year session, and we ended it with a super cute cake smash.   Love seeing the transformation from newborn to walking, talking, super cute, little human!

2015-02-25_00012015-02-25_00072015-02-25_00082015-02-25_00022015-02-25_00032015-02-25_00092015-02-25_00052015-02-25_00042015-02-25_0006Thanks P family for sharing your baby girl with me!

Until next time,


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laci | tyler and longview texas maternity photographer

Beautiful Laci came in to visit me at the studio… I mean, how is it even fair to look this amazing, EVER, much less pregnant?!  I am so excited to meet her little one in a few weeks!


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shelly | tyler and longview texas high school senior photographer

Gorgeous Shelly!  We had the best time shooting in some fun, new locations — and I just adored what we ended up with.  I loved her bright, bubbly smile, and her willingness to try some of my  ideas.

2015-02-06_00172015-02-06_00202015-02-06_00252015-02-06_00212015-02-06_00192015-02-06_00242015-02-06_00232015-02-06_00272015-02-06_00182015-02-06_0022Thank you Shelly, for choosing me to photograph your senior session.  I can’t wait to see all you accomplish in life!

Until next time,


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hannah and drew | tyler texas engagement photographer

Loved photographing this sweet couple, their love for each other was almost palpable.  Hannah has been a client of mine for some time, I have been lucky enough to photograph her precious daughter Gwen for the last couple of years.  I am so looking forward to photographing them as a family of three (and maybe more someday!)  :)


Wishing you many, many, years of happiness Hannah and Drew!   I look forward to watching your family grow :)

Until next time,


baby boy | tyler and longview newborn photography

Loved having this sweet boy in the studio, he was so good for us!  He has the cutest little face, perfectly cherubic.   See for yourself  :)


Until next time,


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leifer family | tyler and longview family photographer

Such a fun downtown session with the Leifer family  :)  I loved incorporating their sweet girls into the funky colors and textures of an urban setting – something different and the end result was just so fun!

2015-01-12_00552015-01-12_00562015-01-12_00602015-01-12_00622015-01-12_00612015-01-12_00592015-01-12_00582015-01-12_0057Thanks Leifer family!

Until next time,


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charlie | tyler and longview texas newborn photography

Oh, little baby Charlie was such a sweetheart!  He just slept and slept, we had so much fun snuggling and posing him.  And his sweet parents were so darn photogenic, it was a great day at the studio  :)

2015-01-12_00462015-01-12_00542015-01-12_00382015-01-12_00452015-01-12_00442015-01-12_00422015-01-12_00472015-01-12_00352015-01-12_00482015-01-12_00492015-01-12_00512015-01-12_00392015-01-12_00432015-01-12_00372015-01-12_0053I look forward to watching Charlie grow up!

Until next time,


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