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Hey there!

My name is Tammy and I'm a Tyler, Texas based photographer, busy Mom of two boys, and wife to a great (and handsome!) guy.  Life is busy, fast paced and chaotic, and I love every minute of it!

On the professional front, I mostly photograph babies, children, and families.  I shoot on location using natural light or at my studio space in downtown Tyler.  The studio offers natural light shooting as well as the option of studio lighting.  I strive to produce timeless images with a modern edge, classic yet unexpected. 

I absolutely love what I do and pride myself on being able to 100% relate to my clients.  More than anything, I'm a Mom.  I know what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant, or hold your newborn baby in all their snuggly newness.  I know how funny (and not funny!) a two year old can be, or how at times, you can be with your family and realize there is no other place on earth you'd rather be. These are the moments I know are fleeting, sometimes funny, and above all, precious.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see  :)

peyton | tyler and longview texas maternity photography

Oh these two, we always have the most laughs when we shoot  :)  So excited to meet baby M this summer, Caroline is going to be such a great big sister!

2016-06-07_0001 2016-06-07_0002 2016-06-07_0003 2016-06-07_0004 2016-06-07_0005 2016-06-07_0006 2016-06-07_0007Until next time,


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tiffany | tyler texas on location maternity photographer

Beautiful Tiffany and her two precious boys… we had so much fun capturing the excitement of waiting for baby Aspen!

2016-06-07_00082016-06-07_00092016-06-07_00102016-06-07_0011 2016-06-07_0012 2016-06-07_0013 2016-06-07_0014 2016-06-07_0016 2016-06-07_0017 2016-06-07_00192016-06-07_0018Until next time,


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annaelisa | tyler high school senior photographer

2016-05-19_0001 2016-05-19_0002 2016-05-19_0003 2016-05-19_0004 2016-05-19_0005 2016-05-19_0006 2016-05-19_0007 2016-05-19_0008 2016-05-19_0009 2016-05-19_0010 2016-05-19_0011 2016-05-19_0012 2016-05-19_0013 2016-05-19_0014 2016-05-19_0015 2016-05-19_0016 2016-05-19_0017 2016-05-19_0018 2016-05-19_0019 2016-05-19_0020 2016-05-19_0021 2016-05-19_0022Until next time!


amanda | tyler texas high school senior photographer

This girl!  She is so bubbly, full of life, and adorable.  I loved our session, I didn’t want it to end!

2016-04-20_00012016-04-20_00042016-04-20_00152016-04-20_00102016-04-20_00022016-04-20_00062016-04-20_00142016-04-20_00112016-04-20_00072016-04-20_00132016-04-20_00122016-04-20_00032016-04-20_00052016-04-20_00112016-04-20_00082016-04-20_0009See more of my senior photography here:  Tyler and Longview Texas Senior Photographer

kate | tyler texas baby and newborn photography

Beautiful Kate, such an alert baby at the beginning of her session, then she just relaxed, and we never saw her little eyes open again  :)

2016-04-04_0003 2016-04-04_00042016-04-04_0005 2016-04-04_0012 2016-04-04_00172016-04-04_0007 2016-04-04_0014 2016-04-04_0019 2016-04-04_00212016-04-04_0008 2016-04-04_0010 2016-04-04_0013 2016-04-04_00222016-04-04_0006 2016-04-04_0018 2016-04-04_0023 2016-04-04_00252016-04-04_0020 2016-04-04_0024Until next time,


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my boys | tyler and longview texas child photographer

My own two monkeys, we had so much fun shooting this back in December  :)  The first image was our holiday card this year <3

2016-04-01_00252016-04-01_0016 2016-04-01_0017 2016-04-01_0018 2016-04-01_0019 2016-04-01_0020 2016-04-01_0021 2016-04-01_0022 2016-04-01_0023 2016-04-01_0024 2016-04-01_0026 2016-04-01_0027 2016-04-01_0028Until next time,



1 year fun | cake smash session tyler texas

You never know what you will get out of a cake smash session  :)

2016-04-01_0002 2016-04-01_0003 2016-04-01_0004 2016-04-01_0005 2016-04-01_0006 2016-04-01_0007 2016-04-01_0008 2016-04-01_0009 2016-04-01_0010Until next time!


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snow angel | tyler texas child photographer

Do you want to build a snowman?  Such a special session for a special girl  <3

2016-02-11_0001 2016-02-11_0002 2016-02-11_0003 2016-02-11_0004Until next time!

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baby c turns one! | tyler texas cake smash photographer

Holy cute!  So much fun for this little guys cake smash!  He was full of smiles and loved digging into his cake.  :)

2016-02-10_0017 2016-02-10_0018 2016-02-10_0019 2016-02-10_0020 2016-02-10_0021 2016-02-10_0022Until next time!

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jessica | tyler and longview high school senior photographer

Loved Jessica and her sense of style and adventure!  We had a blast shooting in the studio a bit, then heading out for an urban session.  Thanks Jessica, and good luck on your next adventure in life!

2016-02-10_0001 2016-02-10_0002 2016-02-10_0003 2016-02-10_0004 2016-02-10_0005 2016-02-10_0006 2016-02-10_0007 2016-02-10_0008 2016-02-10_0009 2016-02-10_0010 2016-02-10_0011 2016-02-10_0012 2016-02-10_0013 2016-02-10_0014 2016-02-10_0015 2016-02-10_0016see more of my high school senior photography here:  Tyler and Longview Senior Photography