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Hey there!

My name is Tammy and I'm a Tyler, Texas based photographer, busy Mom of two boys, and wife to a great (and handsome!) guy.  Life is busy, fast paced and chaotic, and I love every minute of it!

On the professional front, I mostly photograph babies, children, and families.  I shoot on location using natural light or at my studio space in downtown Tyler.  The studio offers natural light shooting as well as the option of studio lighting.  I strive to produce timeless images with a modern edge, classic yet unexpected. 

I absolutely love what I do and pride myself on being able to 100% relate to my clients.  More than anything, I'm a Mom.  I know what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant, or hold your newborn baby in all their snuggly newness.  I know how funny (and not funny!) a two year old can be, or how at times, you can be with your family and realize there is no other place on earth you'd rather be. These are the moments I know are fleeting, sometimes funny, and above all, precious.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see  :)

k family | tyler texas family and child photographer

I just love this sweet family, they are so much fun and there is always lots of laughter when we shoot.  And little Caroline, I am so lucky to capture all of her milestones.  I just love her to bits and pieces!  Here are some of my favorites from our fall session…

2014-10-08_00042014-10-08_00052014-10-08_00032014-10-08_00022014-10-08_00012014-10-08_00082014-10-08_00062014-10-08_00072014-10-08_00092014-10-08_0010Thank you K family for trusting me with your amazing memories.  I love every moment!

Until next time,


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jesse | tyler and longview baby photographer

Jess came to visit us at a little over 3 weeks of age, and man, was he a snoozer!  He was so good, even posed with his Daddy’s cowboy boots and hat, and his Papa’s fishing rod.  What a good little Texas baby :)

2014-09-28_02102014-09-28_02022014-09-28_02122014-09-28_02052014-09-28_02082014-09-28_02012014-09-28_02112014-09-28_02032014-09-28_02092014-09-28_02002014-09-28_02132014-09-28_0207Until next time,


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together | tyler and longview texas family photographer

This session was shot very late last spring, but this sweet family is just too gorgeous not to share.  We had such a good time, the older kids made me laugh, they are so full or life and personality!  And speaking of family sessions, all weekends are booked through December, and I have very limited availability in November.  A few weekday evening sessions still remain for October, but they won’t last long.  So looking forward to a busy and fun fall!  In the meantime, have a peek at some of my favorites from this sweet family session…

2014-10-03_01412014-10-03_01392014-10-03_01442014-10-03_01402014-10-03_01372014-10-03_01362014-10-03_01382014-10-03_01452014-10-03_0135Until next time!


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gunner | tyler texas newborn photographer

So fun photographing this sweet baby boy’s newborn session!  I shot his parents engagement and wedding photos years ago, so I felt like I was completing a very important circle for them.  I am so blessed to be a part of so many important moments in my clients lives <3

2014-09-28_01932014-09-28_01882014-09-28_01992014-09-28_01922014-09-28_01892014-09-28_01962014-09-28_01952014-09-28_01872014-09-28_01972014-09-28_01912014-09-28_01902014-09-28_01982014-09-28_0194Thank you Micha and Jerry for sharing your sweet baby with us!

Until next time,


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lawson | baby and child photographer tyler tx

I had SO much fun with this little guy!  How cute is he?!?  Sitting not crawling sessions are some of my very favorite, you can’t beat a chubby, smiling, baby, who can’t go any where!  :D

2014-09-15_00212014-09-15_00242014-09-15_00232014-09-15_00262014-09-15_00272014-09-15_00222014-09-15_0025Until next time,


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delilah | tyler texas newborn and baby photographer

Sweet baby Delilah, so gorgeous, and I just love her name!  A few of my favorites…

2014-09-15_00132014-09-15_00142014-09-15_00192014-09-15_00182014-09-15_00162014-09-15_00202014-09-15_0017Until next time,


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keller | tyler longview shreveport newborn photographer

Handsome Keller!  He was SO good to us, we never heard a peep from him!  And we loved how squishy he was <3  Keller’s Mom and Dad are die hard Dallas Cowboy fans, so they brought along a few props, we love how they turned out  :)

2014-09-15_00062014-09-15_00112014-09-15_00102014-09-15_00052014-09-15_00082014-09-15_00012014-09-15_00122014-09-15_00092014-09-15_00042014-09-15_00072014-09-15_0003Thank you Holly and Chad, for trusting us with precious Keller.  We loved every minute!

Until next time,


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emori | tyler longview shreveport newborn photographer

Oh, beautiful Emori!  We loved, loved, loved, her head full of gorgeous hair.  She is seriously such a pretty baby, we had so much fun playing with her at the studio.

2014-09-10_00592014-09-10_00642014-09-10_00632014-09-10_00612014-09-10_00572014-09-10_00562014-09-10_00582014-09-10_00602014-09-10_0066Until next time,


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November 28, 2014 - 1:17 am Rebecca - Love your work! Such beautiful skin tones! And a very cute baby. : )

michelle | tyler longview senior photographer

I don’t think I was able to take a bad image of Michelle… I had such a hard time narrowing down her session.  She is fun, smart, bubbly, and beautiful too.  She is off at SMU this fall, majoring in broadcast journalism.  It’s the perfect fit for her.  I can’t wait to see her on the Today show someday  :)

2014-09-10_00442014-09-10_00452014-09-10_00462014-09-10_00472014-09-10_00532014-09-10_00492014-09-10_00502014-09-10_00482014-09-10_0054Until next time,


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September 27, 2014 - 6:00 pm Christine - Love this area where were these taken? Also how much for a family session

renee | tyler longview shreveport senior photographer

I had so much fun with Renee, she is a girl after my own heart!  She loves so many of the things I love, reminded me a bit of myself when I was 18 (sniffle).  She even brought along her Dad’s ’76 Ford for the session, those were some of my absolute favorite senior images EVER.  Have a look at her session:

2014-09-10_00402014-09-10_00412014-09-10_00392014-09-10_00382014-09-10_00372014-09-10_00362014-09-10_00312014-09-10_00342014-09-10_00432014-09-10_0032Until next time,


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